Requisite Audio Engineering

FM 192

“Exceptional Design, Material and Technique” is our headline and it says a lot about Requisite Audio. The goal of this site is to explore how it relates to your work and introduce you to Requisite Audio Engineering.

Design • Electrical, Mecahnical and Circuit design are where it all begins. The source of our upgrade and original concepts are a lifelong passion for the recorded arts and the request and suggestions of highly talented Engineers, Artist and Producers seeking uncommon performance and features.

Materials • Each component has a subtle effect on the tonal character of an audio processor. It is the sum total of these elements, as with the ingredients of a receipt, that we realize their full benefit. Today, there is a good variety of quality, audio specific, components available. This level of component is more commonly found in masterfully built Hi-Fi equipment and sadly rare in most professional recording gear. At Requisite, we are aware of the benefits these components bring to your work, and continue to use and evaluate new developments as they become available.

Technique • Point-to-point hand-wiring, careful layout, hand-wound cables, overbuilt outboard power supplies, tube rectification and tube regulation are among the many techniques found in Requisite gear.

Individually, each of these elements contribute to better performance. Combined, they bring life, dimension and uncommon quality to your recordings.

Since 1995, Requisite Audio has been proud to offer what is among the finest audio equipment available...past or present. Our goal is to exceed your highest expectations.

To our many clients, I say thank you for the privilege of making Requisite a part of your recordings. And to those of you learning about us for the first time or wanting more information, I invite you to view our site and hope you will feel free to call, my personal cell, with any questions or suggestions.


Danny "Sage" McKinney - Founder
Requisite Audio Engineering

Requisite Companies include:

The Standel Co. (Musical Instrument Amplifiers, Est. 1953)

RAAL-Requisite (Advanced Omni-Directional Loudspeakers)

Standel Guitar Radio (All-Guitar, All the Time)

NN Acoustics (Hi-Fi Speakers, North American Distributor)