Requisite Audio Engineering

Requisite Photo Gallery

Danny "Sage" McKinney and Grammy Award winning engineer, Erik Zobler at Glenwood Place Studios, Burbank, CA.

Requisite SR27 MTM style reference monitor, in custom Violet Sparkle Pearl finish.

Requisite SR27 baffle being cut by CNC machine.

Internal bracing and front baffle for the SR27.

Internal view of assembled SR27 cabinet.

Custom RAAL ribbon tweeter designed for the Requisite SR27.

Newly finished SR88 Bass Tower and SRS12 Sub Tower powered monitors.

Active 4-way system packed and ready for shipping.

Front view, Requisite OS1 and RTS-4A mic-pre system.

Rear view view, Requisite OS1 and RTS-4A mic-pre system.

Back view of PAL Plus MkIII front panels.

PAL Plus MkIII electronics assembly.

L2M MkIII M/S, two OS1 preamps and the 4-channel RTS-4A supply.

This is a rear view of the same system.

RTS-4A tube regulated, tube rectified power supply, top view.

Requisite SR-60 studio monitor amplifier, top view.

Group of L2M MkIII M/S limiters nearing completion.

And here we have a group of OS1 micpres nearing completion.

Requisite founder, Danny "Sage" McKinney, probably ordering parts.

24-step attenuator assembly for L2M mastering limiters.

Requisite SR71 Studio Reference Monitors.

Side view, Requisite SR71 Studio Reference Monitors.

Monitor installation, Anaheim California. Requisite SR27 & SRS12 cabinets.

Requisite HDP-3S Studio Version Digital Crossover and Equalizer.

Requisite custom built 15" sub-drivers for the SRS15 1000-watt sub-woofers.

Front view of the Requisite custom built 15" sub-drivers.

Requisite SRS15 1000-watt sub-woofers under test.

Freshly painted SR71 front baffle.