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Standel Photo Gallery

Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West recording with the 25L15 prototype at Capitol Records. Speedy took delivery of his (#1001) on October 1, 1953.

This is a recent photo (circa 2006) of the Standel 25L15 prototype (#1000). It's the same amp you see with Jimmy and Speedy.

Jim Reeves and Chet Atkins at RCA Nashville, pictured with Chet's Standel 25L15 (#1020) built April 4, 1954.

Here's a more recent photo of #1020 which appears in the excellent Russ Cochran book "Chet Atkins-Me And My Guitars."

On the left is a 25L15 "Custom Built for John E. Pope" in 2009. And on the right, the 25L15 "Custom Built for Shady Brown" (#1049) 9.21.1955.

Standel Founder, Bob Crooks, working on Shady Brown (#1049) for Richard Glick in 1997. Photo by Danny "Sage" McKinney.

Hank Garland with his Cowhide covered 25L15. This amp does not appear on the "Butcher List" which would indicate it was built in 1957 or 1958.

To make a "Cowhide" 25L15, you need plenty of cowhide. Here we have enough (one cow) for two amplifiers.

On the left is the first layer of Cream vinyl covering, selected to match the cowhide. On the right is the actual Cowhide ready for stretching.

A pair of Cowhide 25L15 ready for electronics. Note the strategic placement of the branding iron's mark on the front bumper of the left amp.

Standel President, Danny "Sage" McKinney caught sleeping on the job.

A matched set of 25L15 electronics is tested and ready for installation.

Rear view of the completed amplifiers showing the upper preamp, original JBL D-130 speakers with power supply and amp mounted below.

Front view of the completed amplifiers. This pair were build for Don Hunt Jr. to go along with his Terry McArthur Double Neck.

Matching cowhide guitar case.

TNM Double Neck built by, the master himself, Terry McArthur.

Front entrance of the Standel factory, circa 1967. Pictured are Frank Garlock, Wes Montgomery and Standel Founder, Bob Crooks.

On a visit to the former Standel factory, circa 2002. Pictured are Richard Glick and Standel President, Danny "Sage" McKinney.

Pictured here are Frank Garlock, Danny "Sage" McKinney, Wes Montgomery, Richard Glick and Bob Crooks. Authenticity of this particular photo has not been verified.

This photo was taken in 1999, just about a week before Bob's passing. We were having an amp listening session. Unfortunately, Wes was not available for this event.

Here we have a rare pair of sparkle red/silver/red 25L15s.

Rear view of sparkle red/silver/red 25L15s. Circa 2010

This is believed to be the first Standel ever built. It features an 8" speaker and 10 watts of power.

This is a 1957, Standel 15L12. It is one of only two ever made. 15 watts and a single 12" speaker

Close-up view of a two-tone (cream and gold sparkle) 25L15.

Full view cream & gold (circa 2005).

Rear view showing detail of 25L15-AM, powered extension cabinet.

Side view featuring the sparkle of the gold vinyl.

Nice lineup of vintage 1950's Standels. Left to right, 10L8 prototype, 10L8, 15L12, 25L15 and 25L15 prototype.

Standel display at the always great Deke Dickerson's Guitar Geek Festival.

This is a close-up of a mahogany and oak version.

Here's a rear view of the mahogany and oak.

Cream with Golden Wheat grill "Custom Built for Dan Jones". Dan wrote a review posted on The Gretsch Pages.

Here's the linK to Dan's review

Cream and brown two-tone, shipping to guitarist Vegar Moen in Sweden.

Side view of cream and brown two-tone.

Salt and pepper front view.

Rear/side view of salt & pepper.

Bob Crooks reunited with #1002, custom built for Merle Travis 5.15.54.

#1023 built for Wayne Burdick in 1954, now being restored for Chas Smith.

This is another variation on the Salt & Pepper theme.

Top cabinet is a 25L15 and the bottom is a Powered Extension Cabinet.

"The Butcher List" is a document that Bob Crooks created for keeping track of the amplifiers he was building in the early days of the company. It is so called because he got the paper from his butcher. The list begins on October 1, 1953 and ends on November 25, 1956. We've received many request for an authetic, high-quality, reproduction which is currently in the works.

The original list resides at The Standel Company in Ventura, California.

The great Joaquin Murphey at rehearsal with Spade Cooley, circa 1959. Truly, one of the greats!

And now...for something totally different. Two, 1965 Standel Super Imperials and a 1969 Standel Modualux.

Standel "Amptopus" features a single-input and drives six amplifiers.

Rackmount, 30-watt class-A power amplifier, model 484.

Production run of model 484 at the Glendale, CA shop (Circa 2005).

Head version of the 484 with high-gain preamp. The Standel Switchmaster 30.

From the Standel collection of Jay Hardtke

These two were just added to Jay's collection.

Sage and, one of his favorite guitarist, Joe Davies.

Red/Black/Red color combo, as created by Deke Dickerson.

Power amp assembly at the Ventura, CA shop, circa 2011.

Matched pair of power amps under test.