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L7 Line Level Condenser

  • L7 The Requisite L7 is a 9-pattern, directly coupled condenser microphone capable of +32dB you balanced output. Inherent to its design, the L7 exhibits critical advantages over traditional microphones.

    By placing the capsule, head-amplifier, and preamplifier, in the single body we can reduce the head-amplifier coupling cap by 90% and completely eliminate the step-down output transformer.

    At this point of the circuit we connect directly to the grid of the preamplifier 6SN7 tube, avoiding 20+ feet of shielded cable, numerous solder joints and connectors to a step-up input transformer, impedance network, pad and high pass filter of a typical recording chain. The Requisite L7 replaces all that with a single silver-in-oil capacitor.

  • Alison Krauss / L7 Sample

    Listen to Alison Krauss, "All Alone Am I", from her new album Windy City. On this track, Alison's voice was record with her L7 condenser... no preamp, no compression, no equalization, no de-essing.


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