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PAL Preamplifier and Limiter MK III

- Starting at $3,500 -

Every studio needs a PAL

  • The original PAL (Preamp And Limiter),introduced in 1998, was based on a combination of our original Y7 microphone preamplifier and our L1 optical limiter. Within a year, the PAL was outselling all four versions of the Y7 and L1 combined.

    For us, this established the PAL as a permanent platform for continued development and refinement. Components and construction are the highest quality seen in the audio industry today.

    Each unit is point-to-point hand-wired to solid Teflon terminal strips and oxygen free copper post. All audio transformers are based on classic designs, upgraded wherever appropriate, and made to our specifications.

  • High-grade polypropylene capacitors are used exclusively in the signal path. Polypropylene caps are also used for B+ filtering, making the PAL Plus MkIII the only pro audio product that does not use electrolytic caps for filtering.

    Allen-Bradley carbon composition resistors, gold switches, gold and ceramic tube sockets and special solid-core audio wire are all selected for their tonal character and reliability.

    This design approach has yielded characteristics that include wide bandwidth, low noise, low distortion, reliability and truly high fidelity performance making the PAL Plus MkIII a “must have” for any professional recordist.

Technical Details


  • Mic/DI - Line Select
  • Mic/DI Gain - Continuosly Variable
  • Hi-Pass Filter
  • Mic/DI Feedback - Continuosly Variable
  • -20dB Pad
  • Output Level - Continuosly Variable
  • +48V Phantom Power
  • VU Meter (upper meter)
  • VU Meter Adjust
  • Hi-Z Input
  • Limiter Response - Continuosly Variable
  • Mic Link
  • Limiter Feedback - Continuosly Variable
  • Limiter Link
  • Peak Reduction - Continuosly Variable
  • Ratio 10:1 & 3:1
  • GR Trk - Gain Reduction Tracking Calibration
  • Peak Reduction Meter (lower meter)
  • VU Meters


  • Ground Connector - Chassis and/or Circuit Ground
  • Power Supply Inlet (choice of Tube or Solid-State Supply)
  • Transformer Balanced XLR Output (pin 2 HI)
  • Limiter Link - 1/4" Jack for linking additional PAL Limiter (not included)
  • Tube Channel - Protective Structure for easy Tube replacement and Ventilation
  • Transformer Balanced XLR Mic Input (pin 2 HI)
  • Transformer Balanced XLR Line Input (pin 2 HI)


  • Solid-Core Copper/Silver Wire with Teflon Dielectric
  • Handwired, Point-To-Point Throughout (only Meter/Phantom on PCB)
  • Custom Input and Output Transformers
  • Overbuilt - using highly rated, quality components

Rave Reviews

Just wanted to tell you how knocked out I am by your PAL pre/compressor. It's freaking stunning! Great work.

My main gig is mastering, here in NYC, and based on the quality of the PAL, I may be interested in your mastering compressor in the near future, if it performs even close to the level of the PAL I'm sure it must be amazing as well.

Keep up the great work! Michael Perez-Cisneros

I finally got my PALs and use them on almost everything! At this point a day without them would be a tragedy. Love'em

Just wanted to say that in my latest project, I used an M149 into the PAL with a female vocalist...I love using eq when I mix a vocal BUT...I don't have to! Everytime I tried to improve the sound, things got worse...25% of feedback control and the sound was as lush as it could be...maybe I should just sell all of my eq's now ;)

Ok...enough joy...back to work. Thanks again!


I have access to some of the finest mic pre's in my studio snd when it came time to track my guitars and vocals for my new CD "Meniketti", I consistently was drawn to the Requisite gear.

Getting the correct sound from my guitar rig to a DAW can be a challenge, but my Requisite Y7s preamps were up to the task beautifully. All my rhythm guitars were tracked through the Y7 & my lead & background vocals were tracked through my Requisite PAL

There is a "real" texture & open sound through the Requisite gear that just wasn't there with many of my other pre's. And everyone in the room gasped when I ran my Larivee acoustic into the direct input of the PAL! It took that acoustic's direct sound to a place I'd never heard coming from that, or any other acoustic direct sound. The presence, body & clean in-your-face sound that this direct input gave my guitar was so good that we chose that sound, over the elaborate mic/pre combo for the mix. And wait 'til you run your background vox through the PAL. Magic!

Great stuff, from a designer & that really cares about getting things right. There's a huge difference between the cheap tube pre wannabee company's gear & Requisite - this is the real stuff. Highly recommended!"

Dave MenikettiRecording Artist

"I tracked a Fender Jazz Deluxe Bass through the PAL Plus for a boogie woogie/blues piano artist and on playback everyone took notice of how big, warm & round the bass sounded. I then tracked male vocal through the PAL Plus with an AKG C12VR. The C12VR has never really "wowed" me (sometimes it's nice but never stellar). I like the C12VR a whole lot now - The PAL really seemed to open it up with much greater detail and a big, fat bottom end without any of that tube woolliness - This week I'll be tracking my 1961 Gibson ES-330 through it - Can't wait to hear that!

Anyway, I'm very pleased and believe I have "a new favorite."

Marcus Steinman Discovery Productions - St. Louis, MO

"The new kid in town is a giant-killer, haven't touched my v---m- (famous limiter) since. The PAL keeps it's open, natural, sweet sound even when you're knocking back peaks well over 10 dB. It's my vocal chain of choice. Now I'm wishing I had 2 to mix drums through. Gorgeous box."

Rob LauferRecording Artist, Producer - Los Angeles, CA

Danny! After being convinced from our telephone conversations, I decided to pick up the PAL Plus. WOW! Was it worth it! This baby is probably the best pre amp that I have ever come in contact with. Not only is the pre amp superb, but the limiter also is truly a master piece! Thanks for the great unit. I look forward to picking up a matching pair for stereo mix down!

Anthony Cosmo - New York

"I just bought a PAL and thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how fantastic I've found it! I've put distorted electric guitars, clean electric guitars, and my vocals through it, and it always gets an excellent sound, full bodied and rich. The PAL has helped me make muscular sounds more beefy and more delicate sounds shimmer. I couldn't ask for more!

The sound is the most important thing, of course, but I also wanted to say that I think it just *looks* very clean and professional as well. The knobs all feel very sturdy, the switches rugged. I have no complaints at all." Thanks for your handiwork.

I wanted to express how happy I am with my Requisite PAL. For straight tracking, it's better than anything I have used (API, John Hardy, Jensen Twin Servo, Tube Tech, Manley), I've rented just about everything I could get my hands on. My goal was to buy a mic pre/comp-limiter that could do several things well and the PAL has certainly fulfilled that. It is a very revealing piece of equipment, the likes I had not been exposed to before.

Apart from your excellent equipment, I wanted to thank you for your willingness to give advice and the modifications you made to my unit at no additional cost. You have also been extremely indulgent of all my questions and numerous phone calls. I can't thank you enough for that." Danny R. Gork Chattanooga, TN

"You were right! The Requisite PAL is a wonderful compliment to the Manley and Focusrite. Soon after I got the PAL I A/B'd it with the V--B-- (famous combo unit) and was very surprised at the increased detail in the high end and low end. Wonderful piece!"

Steve C. PDI Music/ PDI Ministries

"When we signed our deal with Dreamworks Records, the pro audio shops here in Los Angeles sent every brand of high-end studio equipment you could imagine for us to evaluate. At the time, we had never heard of Requisite, but there it was among the best available. Not only did Requisite give us the warmth and life that we needed when going to our Pro Tools 24-bit Mix Plus system, they also captured detail and brilliance that until we heard Requisite, we never knew was there.

Since our evaluation, we now have 14 pieces of Requisite gear and we record everything through them. Our Requisite PAL's, Y7's and D4's have been the best investment we've made in our recording studio."

Nick Young Artificial Intelligence - Santa Monica, CA

"We sent a two channel final mix of a song through linked Requisite PALs to hear how they compared to some of our favorite stereo compressors (a Manley Vari Mu and a Focusrite Red 3). The overall sound of the PALs was extremely clean at the initial un-compressed stage. Over the course of an hour, we tried various settings in an attempt to make the unit distort. Only by slamming the gain at a very high compression output in a 10:1 ratio did the PALs start to sound remotely unnatural. In comparison to the Manley and Focusrite, it affects program material in a much more natural sounding way, while at the same time adding a bit of body to the low end. Very musical and pleasing.

If you're looking for a clean, natural sounding pre-amp/compressor combo, the PAL is a good choice for your rack. As a mic pre-amp, the all-tube design is impeccably built to add depth and clarity with dynamic control that is very natural sounding. As a line level amplifier and buss compressor, two linked PALs provide an option for ultra-clean compression on two channel material. With this in mind, it would be hard to buy just one. In fact, I thought these sounded so good that I had to buy two for myself..."

Walt Szalva Mix Magazine Review - January 2000

Special Features

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Upgrade to the absolute best PAL components

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  2. Super FI Components $2,600